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D4A Pulse web-panel on Blockchain for Law Enforcement
D4A Pulse web-panel on Blockchain for Law Enforcement
Tue, 25. May 2021, 16:00 h - 17:00 h
Virtual Meeting
Border Security, Digital Security


This time we are going to discuss how blockchain impacts and transforms law enforcement protocols. Many agencies and governments have already realized that in the current digital world the role of blockchain has a pivotal effect and look forward to employing the technology in their operations. Secure chains of custody, traceability of evidence and criminal activities, standardization and protection of data and other challenges are now addressed with the help of blockchain.

And although there is no unified approach on how to apply it at the moment, we are already witnessing blockchain technology implications working for law enforcement purposes. Learn about how this revolution will affect our juridical models together with the leading experts. Listen in and ask your questions!

Our panelists :

  • Pamela A. Clegg
  • Renata Barros
  • Claudio Chifa
  • Pablo López - Aguilar


  • Vasilisa Marinchuk


Virtual Meeting
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