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LOCARD Project: Managing Cross-Jurisdiction Digital Evidence
LOCARD Project: Managing Cross-Jurisdiction Digital Evidence
Thu, 1. July 2021, 10:00 h - 11:00 h
Virtual Meeting
Digital Transformation, Research, Innovation, Fight Against Crime and Terrorism, Border Security, Digital Security


The webinar organised under the framework of the EEMA Annual Conference 2021, will bring an interesting discussion aiming to tackle the most current challenges with regards to the handling of digital evidence among different jurisdictions. 

  • Chair: Steve Kemsley
  • Speakers: 
    • Tobias Mattes - Superintendent at Bavarian Police
    • Pablo Lopez-Aguilar, Head of IT & Cybersecurity, APWG, Spain –
      LOCARD: “Lawful evidence cOlleCting and Continuity plAtfoRm Development”
    • Michael Dickinson - Chief Business Development Officer at MSAB

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Virtual Meeting
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