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LOCARD's review on blockchain technology published at the Council of Europe's Cybercrime Digest


We are pleased to announce the recent publication of the LOCARD's review of the state of the art on blockchain technology at the latest Cybercrime Digest report of the Council of Europe. This bi-weekly report, led by the Cybercrime Programme Office (C-PROC), selects relevant news and offers readers an updated outlook on cybercrime advancements.

As part of the LOCARD's public deliverable D4.3, this report provides an extensive review of the state of the art on blockchain technologies, including the ones implemented in the LOCARD system, so that readers could deepen their knowledge on this booming promising technology. The conceptualisation of blockchain technologies and distributed ledger technologies, the description of the most relevant properties and key features that make blockchains unique, a comparison between popular blockchain implementations, and the applicability of blockchains in healthcare, logistics and cybercrime industries through common use cases are just a taste of the topics addressed in the report. Please refer to the summary of the document HERE, or either to the complete deliverable for further details HERE.

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