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LOCARD presented at Malta's national CyberSecurity event

eSkills Malta Foundation, in collaboration and partnership with the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA), University of Malta, Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA), Cyber Security Malta and Keith Cutajar (Court Expert on Digital Forensics) organised a national CyberSecurity Conference on the 5th of February 2020. Featuring speakers from Interpol and the British Computer Society among others, the event focused on challenging an audience comprising business executives and security practitioners on various CyberSecurity topics. Talks ranged from security management, penetration testing, digital forensics, post-quantum security and information security training, to the overlap of information security with innovative technologies.

Research in CyberSecurity was also on the agenda, with Mark Vella and Christian Colombo speaking about two ongoing research at the University of Malta (UM). In particular, the H2020-funded LOCARD project was presented. Following an overview of the envisioned EU-wide cross-border case management system, the talk continued with UM's ongoing exploration of advanced persistent threats targeting mobile devices. Their late detection associated with their characteristic long-term stealth calls for novel incident handling solutions based on memory forensics. The primary objective is to reconstruct forensic time-lines, plotting threat-related events as derived from ephemeral digital evidence collected from volatile memory.

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