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LOCARD at the ECTEG General Assembly

LOCARD was presented by Mr. Pablo López-Aguilar last May 19th at the ECTEG online General Assembly aimed at bringing together law enforcement agencies, international bodies, academia, private industry and experts.

During the presentation, Mr. López-Aguilar highlighted LOCARD as the ultimate solution of accommodating jurisdictions, territories and global regulation, together with high security demands. Moreover, from the consortium we will carry out a deep research on blockchain technology by studying how to support scalability and efficiency for storing and sharing vast amounts of data with blockchain technologies.

LOCARD Definition  LOCARD stakeholders 

 Entities who become part of the network of stakeholders, will entail benefits such as:

  • early access to technology and results;
  • demonstration of the platform during the project;
  • training and webinars;
  • give the chance to incorporate their feedback in the platform (adding some customization).

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