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End-Year Report 2020

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Project Summary

LOCARD is an ambitious project that aims to develop a collaborative and distributed platform toautomate the collection and documentation of every digital evidence, presenting the ultimatesolution of accommodating independent users, jurisdictions, territories and global regulation,together with high security demands. The project started in May 2019 (and will last until April 2022),is composed by 19 partners and has 7 million budget. As depicted in the following figure, LOCARD iscurrently at month 20.

M18 report


Brief Description of Achieved and Future Tasks

During the first months of the project, different use case scenarios were defined taking intoconsideration all kinds of end users, such as Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), forensic investigatorsand security consulting companies, in order to properly decompose all functional and non-functional requirements. In parallel, due to the high sensitivity of the data handled, the social, ethical, legal and privacy aspects (SELP) of the methods proposed in the project were measured and assessed, developing, therefore, a SELP framework to ensure that LOCARD (and all its partners) was compliant with these requirements. Besides, state-of-the-art reports on blockchain technologies, trusted computing and deviant behaviour detection in social networks, among others, have been elaborated to analyse the latest research endeavours. After the first year, once all the requirements were clear,the architecture of the LOCARD platform was designed by describing the functionalities of all the LOCARD modules and the communication between these modules.

Moreover, at a higher view, the different tiers (or layers) of the platform were defined as well as the main tools and technologies to be used. Currently, LOCARD is under the development phase. Partners are putting many efforts to implement the different modules to make the LOCARD platform a reality. In a near future, the technical partners will focus their efforts on enhancing flows within the portal, and advance interconnectivity between the portal and the smart contracts. Although no real evidential data has been used, all data workflows, storage and analyses have beenvalidated. To rapidly detect possible problems, a demo of the platform will be programmed during the next weeks and will be presented next February 23rd at the LOCARD webinar: “A new common approach to manage cross-border digital evidence”. In a few months, the platform will be further testedand validated in realistic environments with the help of the end user partners of the consortium.Moreover, discussions about the creation of a standard to exchange the information among partieswill start soon.

All public deliverables of the project are available at: https://locard.eu/outcomes/public-deliverables.


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