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The following section lists the communication materials specially made to support LOCARD presentations.

Take a look to our project public presentations aiming to describe the current issues and challenges related to digital forensics procedures, the actions carried out by the European Commission to face these challenges, and how the ultimate solution presented by LOCARD can help solving some of these existing needs.

Latest Version

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Several version of the project brochure were created to support all partners in the promotion of LOCARD. This brochure contains information on the project objectives, information about the project consortium and its key aims. 

Latest Version

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In its fight against cybercrime, one of the most difficult challenges for the European Union is to homogenise the jurisdictions of the Member States. LOCARD aims to increase trust in the handling and processing of digital evidence and the management of chain of custody by providing transparency and using an immutable chain of custody stored with blockchain technology. The following video aims to easily explain the project objectives and values both from technical and ethical perspectives:

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