Are essential in the current digital forensics landscape. The LOCARD platform will be able to deal with the large and diverse datasets typical of most cases today.

A dataset for the research of domain generation algorithms (DGAs) and machine learning. The dataset contains more than 90m domains and more than 100 families.

Access: Public

Link: Zenodo

We provide a large-scale dataset of the messages exchanged publicly by the streamers and viewers during the live broadcasts of users identified as adult content producers from the LiveMe platform, a major Social Live Streaming Service (SLSS). The dataset comprises 39,382,838 chat messages exchanged by 1,428,284 users, in the context of 293,271 live broadcasts during a period of approximately two years, from July 2016 to June 2018. The analysis of this dataset can be found in our paper "Large-scale analysis of grooming in modern social networks" (arXiv:2004.08205 [cs.SI]).

Access: Only researchers and LEAs upon request

Link: Zenodo

The dataset contains the images extracted from MS Office files (e.g. DOCX, XLSX) from several malicious campaigns (e.g. Emotet, Dridex) and can be used as an IOC. The related article is available in the following link:

Access: Only researchers upon request

Link: Zenodo

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