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Blockchain-based food supply chain traceability: a case study in the dairy sector


Traceability has become a critical element in supply chain management, particularly in safety-sensitive sectors like food, pharmaceuticals, etc. Upstream (manufacturers, producers, etc.) and downstream (distributors, wholesalers, etc.) supply chain members need to store and handle traceability-related information for providing proof of regulatory compliance to both state authorities and more demanding customers. Consumers also place high expectations on food supply chains (FSC) with specific emphasis on facets related to safety. However, the complexity of modern FSC networks and their fragmentation act as barriers for the development of sound traceability mechanisms. In this paper a distributed trustless and secure architecture for FSC traceability is developed and tested. For assessing the feasibility of the proposed approach, a food traceability case study from a dairy company is presented. The applicability of the model is further illustrated by the development of fully functional smart contracts and a local private blockchain. Moreover, the various links between the proposed blockchain-based model and its managerial implications are presented. The overall benefits of the proposed model are discussed along with fruitful areas for future research. The results are of significant value to both practitioners and researchers.

Authors: Fran Casino,Venetis Kanakaris,Thomas K. Dasaklis,Socrates Moschuris,Spiros Stachtiaris,Maria Pagoni &Nikolaos P. Rachaniotis

Journal: International Journal of Production Research

Date of Publication: 23 July, 2020.

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

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