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An Effective Approach to the Cross-Border Exchange of Digital Evidence Using Blockchain


Cybercrime has become a prevalent threat over the last decade. Despite the numerous efforts devoted by national and supranational institutions, disparities on regulations along with the decentralisation of information networks have increased the complexity for judiciary forces, and all actors involved in the investigation process, of fighting against cybercriminals. With the aim to increase the security level of the actors involved in judicial processes and assure the proper collection and integrity of digital evidence, in this article we discuss how blockchain technology could help to ensure the chain of custody throughout the flow of forensic analyses. Likewise, besides the successful instruments promoted by the EU aimed at facilitating cross-border exchange of data, we identify further actions to improve the exchange of digital evidence among all entities involved in the investigation. In this context, we highlight the approach presented by the EU project LOCARD that provides a collaborative and distributed platform to automate the management of digital evidence with blockchain technology guaranteeing, therefore, the integrity and transparency of the cross-jurisdictional chain of custody.

Authors: López-Aguilar, P.; Solanas, A

Conference: International Conference on Applications in Electronics Pervading Industry, Environment and Society

Date of Publication: April 2022

Publisher: Springer

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