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Work Package 4 Deliverables

LOCARD, through this Work Pakage aims to advance current state of the art and practice, try to investigate possible drawbacks of proposed solutions and open issues discussed in the literature and reported by the end users. 

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As a result, this Work Pakage will produce a number of quality publications that will be presented in prestigious venues in order to communicate better the results of the conducted research and raise awareness. When possible, this research will be accompanied with the corresponding code that will be shared with the community and datasets which will be anonymised if they contain user data. The maturity and possibility of tangible results that can be integrated in the LOCARD platform will be evaluated in M12 and the corresponding report will be conducted.


Download LOCARD Work Package 4 deliverables from the following table:

TitleDescriptionLeadApproval DateDownload File

D4.1 - State of the art report on Digital Forensics

The purpose of D4.1 is to provide the necessary background information about the state-of-the-art in digital forensics, with particular focus on mobile, cloud and streaming services forensics UNIPD 26 August 2020 HERE

D4.2 - State of the art report on detection of deviant behavior in Social Networks

In this deliverable, we discuss the state-of-the-art approaches on detection of deviant behaviour in Social Networks, focusing on cybercriminal behaviours related to production/distribution of child sexual abuse media (CSAM) and predatory behaviours targeting children. ARC 22 July 2020 HERE
D4.3 - State of the art report on blockchain technologies In LOCARD, parties must not know each other and will need a mechanism to trust the recorded data of chainof custody and use other unique features such as smart contracts or tokens to achieve the successfuloperation of the system. The sister deliverables D4.3 (this document) and D4.4 (Identity Management SystemState of the Art) provide LOCARD with the background to the fundamental technologies and policies essentialto ensure the acceptance and utilisation of LOCARD which is the ultimate goal.​ EEMA 22 July 2020 HERE
D4.4 - State of the art report on appropriate Identity and Access Management, together with associated Trust Services This stand-alone deliverable presents a summary of identity management systems (IDMSs) that are available and appropriate in the current market at the time of writing, and then investigates how these technologies will mature and may be relevant to the needs of LOCARD. EEMA 22 July 2020 HERE
D4.6 - State of the art report on Trusted Computing and Trusted Execution Environment The purpose of this document is to present and analyse research endeavours and the state of the art relevantThe purpose of this document is to present and analyse research endeavours and the state of the art relevantto trusted computing in the two most prevalent instantiations (i) Trusted Execution Environments and (ii) Trusted Platform Modules. ARC 22 July 2020 HERE
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