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Work Package 5 Deliverables

This Work Package establishes standards and industrial tools for collaborative development and sets up a corresponding test environment, which supports the continuous integration and quality assurance of all LOCARD modules. It aims to develop and maintain an implementation plan and specifies suitable test cases, and implements the interoperability strategy as well as the definition of communication protocols between the modules.


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In this regard, this Work Package will specify the expected input and output of each module specified in the architecture, the used method and access policies. All the modules identified during the proposal writing stage (Crowdsource Intelligence, Data Collection modules, Storage Manager, Blockchain Manager, User and Identity Manager, Intelligence Engine, Deviant Patterns repository, Connector, Reporting Engine, Communication Engine, Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) modules, LOCARD Core) as well as the new research tools (Work Package 4) and the wrappers for existing forensics tools will be developed to meet the specifications and requirement set in Work Package 3. Integration and implemention of all modules, as well as demonstrators versions of the platform are also part of the ouput of this Work Package.


Download LOCARD Work Package 5 deliverables from the following table:

TitleDescriptionLeadApproval DateDownload File

D5.1 - Established Test Environment

Document describing the test strategy, objectives, roles and deliverables planned for testing.

ICO 22 July 2020 HERE
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