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To carry out the LOCARD project successfully, 18 institutions have been involved in its development to analyse the requirements not only from a technological perspective, but also from a social, cultural, ethical and legal perspective.




MOTIVIAN was established in 2005 and is considered as an innovative information and telecommunications systems integrator. MOTIVIAN was established in order to promote innovation and new technologies in the European ICT Market.

MOTIVIAN is an SME company with offices in Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus. MOTIVIAN is an experienced designer, developer and vendor of web and mobile solutions with a long list of applications developed either within commercial projects for the company’s customers and as part of customized solutions or even as standalone applications marketed directly by the company in the popular mobile app markets. Motivian is a trustworthy technology services provider for prominent organizations. Based on our extensive business expertise, we develop innovative software solutions, which we combine with versatile services in order to drive long term growth & operational excellence of our customers.

Motivian employs more than 40 people, with high-level university degrees and significant professional experience. The company also participates in many EU Research & Development projects along with Academic and enterprise partners.

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