External Advisory Board
The LOCARD EAB comprises an international panel of high-level experts from different areas of knowledge that provide an additional form of quality control, advice and validation of the vision, the global impact and the scope of the project.

Jordi Aguilà

IT Security Director at CaixaBank

PhD in Computer Science (Cybersecurity) for the Politechnical University of Catalunya. BsC in Geology from the University of Barcelona and BBA from ESADE, Jordi Aguilà also holds a GG degree and a MBA from EADA. Currently IT Security Director of CaixaBank, one of the largest Spanish financial institutions. With over 20 years of experience in the field of IT management he is the founder and director of CaixaBank’s CSIRT and has actively participated in several international expert forums and is member of the Business Constituency group of ICANN. In addition to its activities on corporate environments Jordi Aguilà has developed several patents and scientific publications and has been a lecturer in ESADE for over eighteen years.

Evgeny Chereshnev

President, Founder at Biolink.Tech LTD

President, Founder at Biolink.Tech LTD - a UK-based business focused on Private Artificial Intelligence and Personalization services for Large Enterprises. TED New York, numerous TEDx speaker on privacy, Artificial Intelligence and big data, author of numerous patents/inventions in data, AI and cybersecurity. Previously – Vice-President at Kaspersky Lab, worlds largest private cybersecurity company. In 2015 Evgeny got implanted with a small biochip and became one of the first researches doing private data experiments on himself. Biochip experiment lead to DigitalDNA discovery - a complex dataset management technique that can be used to provide private tailored AI services, such as personal education, preventive medicine, direct marketing etc.

Filippo Marchetti

Data protection and ethics specialist at Trilateral Research

Filippo is a senior data protection and ethics specialist at Trilateral Research. He has provided advice to renown national and international organisations including the European Medicines Agency and the University of Cambridge, and has taken part in over 5 EU-funded research projects dealing with privacy and ethics of emerging technologies. Currently, he is heavily involved in multiple projects which aim to tackle child exploitation and modern slavery by means of ethically-sound machine learning solutions. Filippo is also a non-tenured Adjunct Professor of Law at Bocconi University in Milan. Thanks to his ongoing relationship with academia and stakeholder associations, he provides proactive information and C-level advice across and beyond the continent. Filippo holds a PhD in Law and a Master’s degree in International Relations.

Angus Marshall

Owner/Director of n-gate ltd

Owner/Director of n-gate ltd. (UK) and Kriminalistika OÛ (EE). Specialist in digital evidence - especially social media and Internet activity. Recognised as an expert for UK law-enforcement. Practitioner in digital forensics since 2000. Academic lecturer/researcher since 1997. Lecturer in CyberSecurity at University of York. Members of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27 with particular interest in digital investigation standards - editor of ISO/IEC 27041 and ISO/IEC 27042. Associated editor of FSI: Digital Investigation journal (Elsevier). Contributor to, and member of editorial board of, Digital Forensics Magazine. Founder of DEVCE CIC - collaborative project to support digital evidence research. Would rather talk about old cars over a beer.

Jeff Neithercutt

Jeff Neithercutt, CEO, Blockchain of Evidence

Jeff has 25 years of information technology experience and is both CISSP and CySA+ certified. Jeff has a Master’s degree in Cyber Security and Information Assurance with a specialization in Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing and speaks regularly at industry conferences. Jeff and Rebecca Neithercutt founded two-time award winning Blockchain of Evidence in 2018. Jeff is a published author, experienced public speaker and presenter, and a college-level educator in many subjects.

Gohar Sargsyan

MBA, MS CIS, MS Applied Math, PhD

Dr. Gohar Sargsyan, Director at CGI she is currently leading the ICT Innovation EU Programme focusing on strategic and multidisciplinary partnership which result into market uptake and leverage outcomes into day to day business and. She is accomplished and results-oriented executive with extensive experience directing all aspects of business with regards to complex programmes and driving sustainable and strategic growth. Significant record of success leveraging innovation, digital transformation, business/IT alignment, business growth, business excellence, transforming innovation into business, and establishing strategies and policies. Proven new business initiative leader, rapidly identifying new opportunities and creating demand for jointly marketed solutions. Last year her portfolio included public safety, (cyber)security and digital transformation.

George Sharkov

Adviser to the Bulgarian Minister of Defence

Dr. George Sharkov is Adviser to the Bulgarian Minister of Defence since 2014, former National Cyber Security Coordinator (2014-2017), leading the development of the National Cyber Security Strategy (2016). He has PhD in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and worked in Software/IT industry 1992-2003. Since 2003 he is the head of European Software Institute CEE, and since 2014 – the Cybersecurity Lab at Sofia Tech Park. Trainer and appraiser for software quality management, cybersecurity and resilience, lecturing at 4 universities. He is member of ETSI TC CYBER and ETSI Industry Specifications Group “Securing AI”, member of EU High Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence, and ENISA ad-hoc group on AI.

Angelos Stavrou

Professor at Virginia Tech

Dr. Angelos Stavrou is a Professor at the Bradley Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. Stavrou has served as principal investigator on research awards from NSF, DARPA, IARPA, DHS, AFOSR, ARO, ONR, he is an active member of NIST's Mobile Security team and has written more than 125 peer-reviewed conference and journal articles. Stavrou received his M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, M.Phil. and Ph.D. (with distinction) in Computer Science all from Columbia University. His current research interests include security and reliability for distributed systems, security principles for virtualization, and anonymity with a focus on building and deploying large-scale systems. He was a NIST guest researcher, a member of the ACM and USENIX, and a senior IEEE member.

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