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LOCARD has joined forces with the most relevant EU projects aiming to improve and standardise the handling of digital forensics procedures and develop new tools to accelerate investigative processes.

LOCARD aims to standardise cross-border digital evidence handling and develop a distributed and trusted platform to allow the storage of digital evidence using blockchain technology. The platform will provide a collection resource module aimed at collecting citizens’ information related to certain law violations, as well as a tracker to allow the detection and correlation of certain deviations based on behavioural patterns.

To this end, LOCARD has joined forces with relevant sister projects that can increase the results of the project for each specific objective: On the one hand, the consortium is working with FORMOBILE seeking the best approach for the development of the most appropriate standard. On the other hand, LOCARD is collaborating with ROXANNE, AIDA, HEROES and GRACE to bring Law Enforcement Agencies and the industry the required tools to combat cybercrime and provide an innovative set of services to their portfolio. Moreover, LOCARD has joined the cluster formed by CC-DRIVER aiming to explore synergies, research opportunities, share knowledge and leverage dissemination activities among similar projects.


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Advanced technologies are increasingly used in criminal activities. The EU funded project AIDA, will approach specific issues and challenges related to Law Enforcement Agencies by delivering a descriptive and predictive data analytics platform and related tools to prevent, detect, analyse, and combat criminal activities.


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The EU Project HEROES will provide a victim-centred solution to prevent, investigate and assist victims of sexual abuse and exploitation. The project will implement technology for LEAs and new innovative strategies to facilitate cross-border prosecutions of these type of crimes.  


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The core ambition for GRACE is to provide a European-wide platform that equips LEAs with advanced digital and analytical tools. GRACE aims to achieve significant operational value for LEAs through improving the investigative capabilities and responses to combatting online CSEM.  




In its fight against cybercrime, one of the most difficult challenges for the European Union is to homogenise the jurisdictions of the Member States. The procedure needed to obtain digital evidence, as well as its recognition in a court of justice, should follow a standardised procedure accepted by most countries within the Union. This procedure should guarantee the origin of the evidence and the integrity of the chain of custody. FORMOBILE contributes to the fight against virtually all forms of crime by empowering law enforcement to access all evidence stored on mobile devices.




Over the last years, cybercriminals have seen endless opportunities to commit fraudulent activities under the feeling of protection provided by the Internet. This is one of the most important concerns of Law Enforcement Agencies who have limited resources to unmask the perpetrators. ROXANNE will contribute towards this goal by increasing the speed of investigation processes and improving the identification of individuals by means of advanced text and language technologies, along with network analysis. 


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CC-DRIVER is a three-year, EU-funded project investigating the drivers of cybercrime and, especially, how young people can be turned away from cybercrime to use their talents in more socially productive ways. The €5 million project began in May 2020, has 13 partners from eight countries and is co-ordinated by Trilateral Research (UK).

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