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LOCARD has joined forces with the most relevant EU projects aiming to improve and standardise the handling of digital forensics procedures and develop new tools to accelerate investigative processes.





In its fight against cybercrime, one of the most difficult challenges for the European Union is to homogenise the jurisdictions of the Member States. The procedure needed to obtain digital evidence, as well as its recognition in a court of justice, should follow a standardised procedure accepted by most countries within the Union. This procedure should guarantee the origin of the evidence and the integrity of the chain of custody. FORMOBILE contributes to the fight against virtually all forms of crime by empowering law enforcement to access all evidence stored on mobile devices.

To standardise digital forensics procedures and build more efficient investigative procedures, LOCARD and FORMOBILE have joined forces and are collaborating together in the following activities: Follow the evolution of both projects; disseminate their results in social networks; participate in public events and; organize collaboration groups aiming to discuss common challenges from the legal, technical, standardisation and training perspectives.


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Start DateDurationCallTopicTotal Budget
1st May 2019 36 months H2020-SU-SEC-2018 SU-FCT02-2018-2019-2020 6,983,030.00€
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