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LOCARD has joined forces with the most relevant EU projects aiming to improve and standardise the handling of digital forensics procedures and develop new tools to accelerate investigative processes.





Over the last years, cybercriminals have seen endless opportunities to commit fraudulent activities under the feeling of protection provided by the Internet. This is one of the most important concerns of Law Enforcement Agencies who have limited resources to unmask the perpetrators. ROXANNE will contribute towards this goal by increasing the speed of investigation processes and improving the identification of individuals by means of advanced text and language technologies, along with network analysis. 

In their fight against cybercrime, LOCARD and ROXANNE have joined forced to provide LEA's innovative solutions to accelerate investigative processes and help them to adopt the latest technology in their daily work. The collaboration started last February 2021 and aims to find solutions to the challenges of both projects, share partners' experience and set up specific collaboration groups from legal and technical perspectives.


Project Summary


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Project Information


Start DateDurationCallTopicTotal Budget
1st September 2019 36 months H2020-SU-SEC-2018 SU-FCT02-2018-2019-2020 6,999,458.75€
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